Shopping Tips to Avoid Identity Theft


Here are some good tips to help protect your identity while shopping.

  1. Before you head out to the mall take out all the unnecessary credit cards and debit cards. You should never carry your Social Security card but if it is in there take it out and save it in a safe place.
  2. Watch out for crowds. Pick pockets and purse snatchers like to hide in crowds. Stolen purses and wallets are still the number one way to steal your identity.
  3. Avoid debit cards and check cards. They simply don’t offer the same protection from fraud that credit cards are required to have for consumers.
  4. Make sure the stores aren’t printing your entire account number on your receipt. I see this most often in restaurants.
  5. If you are shopping online this year make sure the web site is secure. You can check this by making sure the address has an https:// instead of the http:// on the order pages. You should also read their privacy policy.

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