HIPAA Enforcement in 2018: Are you Ready?

It its enforcement of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Office of Civil Right is likely to continue focusing on data breaches, audit controls, risk management and business associate agreements.

Lawyers point out that OCR’s oversight is likely to stay on that track under the leadership of Director Roger Severino, at least for the near term.  HIPAA Enforcement | OCR

Additionally, pay attention the following areas, for they are ripe for greater scrutiny and rule-making:

  • Risk management, including procedures, backups and overall system structure integrity in the midst of natural disasters
  • The increasing interconnection between devices and access to private health information through various applications
  • State and federal jurisdiction over PHI
  • A national data breach notification standard

By the end of 2017, nine large HIPAA settlements totaled nearly $15 million.


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