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WAFB Shred Day 2016

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Tiger Shredding and Recycling. Hard Drive Destruction Video

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The fastest-growing crime

Identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in the USA, according to the National Crime Prevention Council. About 7 million people had their identities stolen in the year ended July...

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Secure Your Shredding

For years, companies have been routinely shredding physical documents to ensure that confidential and sensitive information doesn’t fall into the hands of competitors. This practice is partly due how...

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Shopping Tips to Avoid Identity Theft

Here are some good tips to help protect your identity while shopping. Before you head out to the mall take out all the unnecessary credit cards and debit cards....

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The New Laws on Shredding

You’ve heard about shredding. You understand that it’s probably a good idea to shred any receipts that have your credit card numbers or other personal information on them to...

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Dumpster Diving Reporter Hits the “Jackpot”

A reporter in Pennslyvania decided to try dumpster diving! Interesting idea…rifling through bags of garbage she found everything you’d expect, rotting food and its not so pleasant smell. But...

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Ten Tips To Avoid Identity Theft

Americans are facing a fierce attack on their personal and financial privacy. Shielding your private financial information with no risk of a breakdown may be impossible these days. But...

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Protect Children from Identity Theft

Children are just as vulnerable to identity theft as adults but protecting them from this crime is up to their parents or guardians. Here are some tips to help...

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How safe is your facility?

Today’s media shows us how identity theft and corporate espionage usually start right in the office. 29% of employees spy on co-workers looking for confidential company and/or personal data....

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Tiger Shredding started off as one guy and one truck running routes during the day and shredding documents at night. Over the years Tiger Shredding has grown to service thousands of customers all over the state of Louisiana.


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