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Let’s face it, business owners are busy enough running their day to day business that sometimes little things can slip through the cracks or go unnoticed.  Those little things I’m referring to are the important documents and personal information that a business collects on its employees and clients.  We all know what identity theft is and how disruptive and destructive it can be to our everyday, routine lives.  Therefore, it’s important for business owner’s to properly destroy this important information so it doesn’t end up thrown in the trash for dishonest individuals to find and capitalize on.

Tiger Shredding and Recycling is your solution to keeping your business safe with our secure document shredding and secure hard drive shredding service.  As I’m sure you know we live in an information age with computers housing many gigabytes of information on the hard drive.  Contrary to popular belief, this information in still accessible long after that computer has been tossed out for a new model, consequently leaving this important data vulnerable identity thieves.  It’s common practice for companies to throw out or recycle the computer without removing the hard drive containing all their important information on employees and clients.  Dishonest individuals will surely take this hard drive and extract all the information it contains.  That could be names, addresses, phone numbers, passwords, and so on.  Imagine the damage that could be done with even the smallest amount of information and all that information on your computer is stored on the hard drive.  Call us today 844-303-0125 and we’ll shred those hard drives to keep your information safe.


Did you know that identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America?  According to research it takes the individual who has had their identity stolen an average of 600 hours to straighten out the mess that was created.  Never mind the costs involved and the lawyer fees.  As a business owner you can do your part to put a stop to identity theft by hiring a professional document shredding service.  If your business store records electronically, then you will also need a hard drive shredding service to handle destroying those records.  Tiger Shredding and Recycling offers both of these services at an affordable price with custom plans to suit your shredding needs.  Your employees and your clients will feel secure knowing that their personal information is being destroyed professionally and not by an employee with a paper shredder from the store.


Tiger Shredding and Recycling has been offering secure document shredding to Houma business owners for years.  As a result, we are committed to providing the most professional shredding service possible to Houma and the surrounding areas.  We take pride in offering our customers the following services:

  • Mobile Shredding
  • Onsite Document Destruction / Shredding
  • One Time Purge / Bulk Purge
  • Onsite Hard Drive Shredding / Destruction
  • Residential Paper Shredding
  • And more!

Along with treating every client with professionalism and offering great customer service, we are also AAA NAID certified and eco-friendly!  Call us today at 844-303-0125 to discuss your shredding needs and we can put together a custom plan to suit your business.


We offer convenience for our clients with our onsite mobile document and hard drive shredding.  Enjoy the convenience as we come to you and shred your documents and hard drives in your park lot.  The trucks we use are equipped with industry leading machinery to properly destroy your records and hard drives.  We are AAA NAID certified which means every media is shredded to industry standards and regulatory laws.  Don’t believe us?  You can even watch all of your documents go through the shredding process on our curbside viewing monitor.  Whether you admit it or not, watching old records and hard drives get destroyed is pretty cool!


For those jobs on a larger scale we offer offsite document and hard drive shredding.  We’ll come to your location and pick up the bins for shred.  These are brought to our secure facility and shredded according to industry standards.  When these measures are taken, important information won’t get into the wrong hands.  That gives you, the business owner, peace of mind knowing you’re taking the necessary steps to safeguard important information.  We make safely disposing of important documents easy and hassle free because we understand that your time is valuable.


As mentioned earlier, hard drives contain volumes of important data about your clients, employees, and your business.  You’d be amazed and frightened to know how much data is stored on your hard drive just from daily work use.  Simply restoring your computer back to factory settings is not enough to erase all of that information.  Some have gone as far as placing magnets on the computer or hard drive thinking that would somehow delete or remove the data it contains.  Nope!  If you fear your stored data is unsecured, we completely destroy the hard drive to prevent data recovery.  Hard drive Shredding is the only secure way to destroy this data and keep it safe without compromising it.  By choosing hard drive destruction, you are actively preventing the leak of important data like:

  • Past Emails
  • Credit Card Data
  • Social Security Number
  • Employee Identification Numbers
  • Passwords
  • IP Addresses
  • Browser History
  • And more!

S0, give Tiger Shredding and Recycling a call today 844-303-0125 to destroy your old records and hard drives.  Let our professional staff in Houma take care of it for you.  Need us come on a more regular basis so those records and documents don’t pile up on you?  No problem!  We can put together a customized plan to suit your company’s shredding needs.

Tiger Shredding started off as one guy and one truck running routes during the day and shredding documents at night. Over the years Tiger Shredding has grown to service thousands of customers all over the state of Louisiana.


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