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Running a business requires gathering information from your customers.  The handling or mishandling of that information is often an overlooked part of businesses procedures.  As a responsible business, measures should be taken to ensure the complete and secure destruction of your customers and employees personal information.  In this information age it’s not uncommon to have names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers and credit card numbers of all your customers.  That’s in addition to all the personal information that you have on your employees.  Imagine the damage identity thieves could do with just the smallest amount of that information.

Fear not!  Tiger Shredding and Recycling can help you manage the destruction of all that personal information and put you at ease knowing that a professional document shredding company is handling it for you.  When you utilize our secure document shredding service or our hard drive shredding service you reduce the risk of a lawsuit from mishandled personal information.


Let’s face it.  Anyone can go the store and purchase an off the shelf paper shredder and task an employee with the daunting task of shredding your customer’s personal information.  However, store bought units don’t guarantee the documents you are shredding to be properly destroyed according to industry standards and regulations.  Tiger Shredding and Recycling is AAA NAID certified to properly destroy and dispose of personal information according to industry standards and we use the leading shredding equipment to give you the most secure document shredding possible.  Plus, that employee can perform a more meaningful and profitable task than paper shredding!  Skeptical business owners listen up!  News outlets like to paint document shredding services in a negative light by associating our services with the actions of corrupt politicians or CEO’s who have destroyed documents or hard drives in an attempt to cover up their dishonest deeds.  Truth be told, document shredding and hard drive shredding is the safest way to protect your customers and employees personal information.


That’s a perfectly acceptable question and I hope to provide you with a perfectly acceptable answer.  But first let me ask you, why wouldn’t you choose us?  If you’ve read everything up to this point then you already know that we are professionals in what we do.  We establish trust with our clients by securely handling important documents.  We are AAA NAID certified and therefore use industry leading equipment to shred documents and hard drives.  We offer convenience with trucks that service you at your location.  If needed we offer customizable plans with very affordable prices.  So there you have it.  That’s why you should choose us for all of your document shredding and hard drive shredding needs.  Call Tiger Shredding and Recycling today at 844-303-0125 and let us help you keep your customers and employees important information safe.


At Tiger Shredding and Recycling, we offer a myriad of services to all of our clients and work with each one individually to create a customized plan of action.  Our services include:

  • Secure Mobile Shredding
  • Onsite Document Shredding
  • Offsite Document Shredding
  • One Time Purge / Bulk Purge
  • Onsite Hard Drive Shredding / Destruction
  • And more!

Along with these services we also offer great customer service, professionalism, AAA NAID certification and ECO-friendly.  Call us today at 844-303-0125 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your company’s document shredding needs.


So let’s discuss secure onsite document shredding, hard drive shredding and how it’s done.  In our experience, it’s the most common service that business owners are looking for to ensure that personal information is being disposed of properly.  Let me explain how it works.  After you’ve called us for service, one of our mobile shredding trucks arrives at your location to shred your documents.  These trucks are state-of-the-art and equipped with industry leading machinery to shred your documents effectively, efficiently and according to NAID standards.  Afterwards, you will be given and “Certificate of Destruction” notating how many bins were picked up and shredded.  If you’re interested or curious, you can watch as those documents are being shredded on our curbside viewing monitor on the outside of the truck.  The entire process is documented and meets or exceeds all industry standards.


For the larger jobs, where mobile document shredding isn’t feasible, we offer offsite document shredding and hard drive shredding.  In this case we take your documents to our fully secure facility to be properly destroyed.  Afterwards all the shredded paper is bundled, placed on trucks and sent to the paper mill to be use for other products.  Our facility is video monitored ensuring that our employees are following proper protocol to destroy your documents in accordance with industry standards, regulatory laws and NAID certification.  Not only is this convenient, it’s the safest way.  Other shredding companies require you to bring the documents to them for shredding and that’s just not the safest nor is it very convenient to the customer.  Give Tiger Shredding and Recycling a call at 844-303-0125 and we’ll come


Using a reputable company is not only smart and responsible, but also an easy way to avoid a scandal.  We provide convenience to our customers with affordable document shredding and our mobile document shredding services.  We also take the necessary steps to keep your information safe, therefore earning your trust and your business.  That’s why we remain the best choice when you’re looking for a professional shredding service.  We always come to you keeping your customers information safe and, in turn, keeping your business safe.  Your safety is our top priority, that’s why we take a little more time and effort to ensure your documents and hard drives are shredded and properly destroyed.


Our reputation is golden.  We’re known for being one of the best record shredding companies in New Orleans and surrounding areas due to our secure, professional service.  Our customers agree that our service is top notch and as a result, they stay with us.  We pride ourselves in providing superior customer service and being knowledgeable and up to date with changes and new technology within our industry.  This is why we tout our AAA NAID certification.  This certification lets our customers know that we care enough about the security of their records and data by continuing to stay abreast of new threats, changes in processing and new shredding equipment.  Beware, not all document shredding companies are created equal.  We know this!  That’s why we take every effort to make sure you’re comfortable with how we handle your company’s data.  From the cameras in our facility to the monitor on our shredding truck, you can see your records and hard drives being shredded securely and properly.

Tiger Shredding started off as one guy and one truck running routes during the day and shredding documents at night. Over the years Tiger Shredding has grown to service thousands of customers all over the state of Louisiana.


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